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Multiples of Value

It is a widely accepted fact that it's a challenge for business owners to grow their businesses with the traditional growth model dependent on revenue. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, business owners need to couple their business strategy with sound market capitalisation strategy.


Orangestad Advisory is founded with the objective of facilitating change required to build success. We are a boutique consultancy firm that focuses in assisting small-medium enterprises that are planning to elevate to their next phase of growth. Our tight-fit team of experts and business veterans is experienced in business remodelling and transformation. In aligning your business model, we enhance your performance culture, enable optimisation of outcomes, and enrich your peak potential by unlocking the untapped as well as future potential of your business. We take pride in our superior grasp of structural, process and behavioural pitfalls and inadequacies commonly experienced by enterprepreneurs. We aim to become a advisor-partner of choice, known for our client-centricity and commitment to excellence with our insightful recommendations and pragmatic action plans. Above all, we always think, interact, do and act in the best interest for our clients. Working hand-in-hand with you, we make it possible for you to realise your businesses' enterprise value potentials.


Success of any enterprise must have 3 essentials. They are: (1) A business model that comes with future growth potential; (2) A sound exit strategy; and (3) Capital to drive growth and valuation. All these begin with its people… how they think, how they interact with one another, how are they guided as a whole, and what are the motivational levers driving the enterprise’s articulated aspirations and system.   It is our firm belief that success of an enterprise is an ultimate indicator of its human talents, individually and collectively, steered by a focused strategy and an effective management system, attaining cohesiveness of the energy and passion guided by a common direction.   Our systematic processes are crafted to address the motivational levers by starting at the business strategy before translating it into congruent functional objectives and relevant actionable solutions in order to facilitate success and mitigate risks.   Our service offerings, delivered in a timely and transparent manner, are based on a philosophy enveloping honest collaboration, customised solutions, and pragmatic actionable plan.


In today’s rapidly changing business modelling, technological and geopolitical landscapes, enterprise owners need to augment their financial means to ensure success in their business strategy. Our value proposition, compelled by measurable deliverables beyond recommendations, lies central in our vast industry experience in strategic thinking with deep knowledge in operational processes, business and corporate strategy, organizational structuring, and performance management. Our differentiation lies in our ability to understand and optimize business performance using pragmatic methodologies and on-site implementation within an enabled time-frame.


As your business advisor, we journey with you through a thorough thought-process and planning that…

Uncover Latent Business Potential. Strengthen and Restructure your Management System and Processes. Facilitate a desired organisational culture. Implement good Corporate Governance. Assist in the preparation for and facilitate funding exercises. Strategise a pathway to bring multiples of value creation.


Enhancing Businesses - As Remodelling Specialist, we bring insights to identify latent as well as future potential, and develop an enhanced pathway for success. Enabling High Performance – With the domain knowledge and deep experience, we can serve as an interim management / leadership to build a high performance team, coupled with efficient systems and effective processes. organisation for our clients. We 'handhold' our clients throughout their business journey with measurable deliverables. Enriching Client’s Value – We work closely with our clients to build traction, and leverage on our network of investors to enhance the enterprise value of our clients.

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