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Multiples of Value

It is recognised that the world of Hi-Finance is an exclusive circle reserved for only the select sophisticated investors. When we get to be introduced into such a circle, we can look forward the privilege of participating in Structured Private Financial Investment Opportunities that derive Multiples of Value with our assets, whether cash funds or instruments, that is beyond the comparison of any investments. Such Multiples of Value can only be derived from an exclusive opportunity to be part of the trading of big ticket banking and financial assets. Orangestad exists to partner the select few with a hand-shake introduction into this bespoke circle.


We are a unique boutique team of Structured Financial & Investment professionals specialised in facilitating funding needs and private investment transactions in the world’s leading financial centres. Our tight-fit team of dedicated experts and veterans in the banking and finance sector has extensive experience in capital market and investment structures to fully facilitate every business and project owner’s as well as sophisticated investors’ funding challenges and investment priorities to provide seamless solutions. Having established close knit relationships with decision makers and leaders in the investment, banking and trade programmes environment, we have the capablity to arrange for leveraged financing against bank instruments such as SBLCs and BGs; Structured Financial Private Trade Investment Programmes; And match interested buyers as well as sellers of seasoned financial instruments including the seasoned MTNs/Bonds/BGs/SBLCs. We aim to become the facilitator-partner of choice, working within top-tier financial institutions, trade platforms, asset managers, with whom we can handhold select clients to establish fully independent third-party structures and offer integrated, tailored services and solutions that produce Multiples of Value.


Whether you are a sophisticated high nett worth individual, project owner or corporation, you can benefit from our bespoke and complex global transactions experience and full range of solutions supported by seamless execution. As your facilitator-partner, we journey with you by hand-holding you through a thoroughthought-process and executing, - Designing tailored programmes to individual needs and capabilities; - Matching each need and capability with the most appropriate partner and solution; - Guiding closely all properly collated documents required for submission; - Handholding the entire due-diligence process; - Facilitating the process efficiently to achieve the desired outcome; and - Seeing through the entire process to completion till your funding needs and investments are in place.

Norman TAY

Senior Partner

A Serial Entrepreneur and banker with over 25 years of regional experience in Fundraising, Wealth Creation, Business Modelling, Mergers & Acquisitions, Pre-IPO Preparation and Project Funding and over 8 years of investment banking work with HSBC Hong Kong. Norman works with strategic partners, financial institutions and sophisticated investors globally.

Meenakshi BAHRI

Partner (Dubai & Mumbai)

Entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with an MBA in Marketing and over 20 years of experience in business and financial services. Ms. Meena has been engaged in the area of Creative Financial Solutions since 2010. As an advisor and consultant in this financial sector, Meena has assisted in the procurement of project funding for both private companies and government capital markets.

Robert FITCH

Partner (London)

Robert’s career in finance began In 1980 as a Financial Adviser representing a British Institution, Pearl Assurance. Moved on to setting up a large Independent Financial Advisory practice with 206 Consultants. Further developed into commodity trading and further into arranging financial instruments. Robbie further progressed with purchasing a retail bank license before becoming a partner in a trade desk as a registered originator and senior partner for the desk.


Partner (London)

Darren is a dynamic entrepreneur with a proven track record of successful project development across several industries. He is skilled in identifying critical opportunities and facilitating lasting partnerships to drive growth and profitability. During his career, Darren has helped to raise millions of dollars in global finance to support innovative ventures and expand market reach. As a strategic thinker, he is committed to delivering measurable results and exceeding stakeholder expectations. Darren's keen business acumen, coupled with his ability to excel in fast-paced environments, make him a highly sought-after leader in the world of entrepreneurship and corporate coach.

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